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"Pierre is way more than a trainer. He is able to work with the body on multiple levels and is a great ally in fostering a vibrant and healthy body."


“[Pierre has an amazing] ability to assess the client holistically and psychically in the moment to determine what to work on - that means physically, emotionally, [and] psychically. Also, he’s a natural physical therapist. I’ve never had a trainer who could do all of these things together and be totally “spot on.” A magical and powerful combination!”


“Pierre has helped me to see how I get in my own way, not just physically, but in all areas of my life. My personal progress has really taken off both personally and professionally. Pierre had the ability to literally ‘untangle’ the complications of this life or past lives and move me through my blockages. A gifted and rare healer!”


“Pierre is an exceptionally skilled personal trainer who has the ability to holistically assess a client’s strengths and needs–with more awareness than the client might have about [their] own body.”


"Pierre is very psychic and has an uncanny ability to connect the challenges of the physical body (tightness, etc.) to some psychic resistance, due to present-day trauma, stress, or even past lives. He is a natural healer, and I often found that Pierre’s ability to stretch my body in a certain way went way farther than healing the body alone."


Man and Woman Outdoor Fitness Routine

If you want to work together to realign yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, then reach out.

*Testimonials may not represent typical results with any program Embody to Evolve offers, as everyone's results are personal and may vary. Any service offered by Embody to Evolve is no substitution for medical advice. We always recommend anyone consult a medical professional before beginning any exercise or diet program.

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