A New Standard.
Community. Health. Wholeness.

stronger in mind & body
more connected

You’re invited to a
New Standard of Wellness!

  1. Classes that meet you on all levels (mind, body, and spirit)
  2. One-on-one Embodiment Coaching to move towards your wellness goals
  3. Community and social support
  4. Complete, balanced program design

I am inviting you on a new path forward to find your center and better navigate these times.

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THRIVE IN mind, body, spirit AND COMMUNITY.

I see the best results when people combine the following elements. You'll get to experience all of these plus more in my classes:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Core & Balance
  • Cardio
  • Qi Gong
  • Meditation
Let’s keep moving forward together!

Meet Pierre

About Pierre-andre Etienne, B.S., CSCS

I am the Founder of Embody to Evolve. People come to me because they want to expand their capacity, freedom and strength to live life in the most powerful, satisfying way. I help my clients get unstuck, heal ongoing pain, and understand the interactions of their emotions, perspectives, and spirit, and how these can manifest as issues in the body when they’re out of alignment. I create a welcoming, learning space in which you can understand how what is presenting physically is not solely a physical issue, but an interaction between the parts of yourself. I help you figure out how to navigate these parts, so you can shift the relationship to one that makes you feel better and empowers you to evolve in the direction you want. This understanding creates more choices on how you can best heal and thrive.

Credentials: I hold a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from UMass Lowell and am also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. I hold a Qi Gong Teacher Certification and Four Forces Interpersonal and Group Facilitator Training Certification, and have training in Shamanic Healing, Afro-Haitian Dance, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am greatly influenced by the many pioneers of embodiment. My “Embody to Evolve” approach and services are my way of moving this school of thought forward, developing it, and showing people just how many ways there are to heal and thrive. Embodiment is about connectedness, both to ourselves and to each other.



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